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About the Web Shop Package

This package is for businesses who need to start their web business with a fully-featured webshop, integrated with their off-line business; and for retailers who have out-grown a basic, quick-setup webshop.

In the interests of economy, if your sales targets are hundreds, rather than thousands of pounds per month, you should first consider a self-customisable e-commerce shops available from companies like 1&1 Internet.

But if you need a scalable solution with advanced functionality, or you need expert help to set-up an e-commerce shop to your requirements... and if you intend to turnover more than around £4,000 per month, then our Web Shop Package is probably what you're looking for!

What's Included

  • The Web Shop package starts with a detailed analysis of sales and fulfilment processes and marketing strategy, your requirements for on-line selling.
  • Then we will work with you to create a custom theme design and customer flow through your website, to meet your concept and inspiration.
  • After finalising your exact requirement, we will build your Web Shop in a development environment which can be fully tested prior to launch, to be perfect from the moment it goes live.
  • We will stock your shop, uploading all product details and images; and integrate it with your choice of payment providers.
  • Search Engine Optimisation: from configuring meta-data and web-friendly URLs to make your website more search-engine friendly, to search engine registration and daily XML sitefeeds.
  • And we will run separate training sessions for order processing and admin, making sure that your staff are fully comfortable with the software.
  • And when all this is complete... your Web Shop will go live!

Feature List

We will build your website using Zen-Cart: probably the most powerful e-commerce platform available.  It is almost obligatory to give a feature list, but most of every feature which was ever invented for an e-commerce website is available as a module for Zen-Cart.  Unless it should happen that you have a very specific requirement that requires a customised module to be programmed (and we'll advise you early on if that could happen), almost any possible configuration of modules is included within the package. 

This is a selection of available features:

  • Marketplace registrations: Registering products in Amazon, Ebay, Google Shopping, Facebook, search engine sitemaps
  • Checkout: Shipping and insurance modules; payment modules for your bank, payment provider and/or PayPal.
  • Admin tools: User tracking, graphical sales reports, bulk upload, coupons, invoicing, pricing by size and colour, tax by country, multi-currency pricing, hidden stock threshold, accounts package synchronisation, fraud detection integration, reporting, VAT-return calculator, imaging tools for zooming, re-sizing, linking images to product versions.
  • Customer communication: Newsletters, product reviews, SMS on-sale, despatch notes and e-mails.
  • Customer incentives: Up-selling, down-selling, cross-selling, repeat-selling, gift vouchers

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