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Web Application Hosting

This is a fixed-price service for a dedicated server and unlimited Systems Administration.  Suitable for all development, testing, staging and live environments of a powerful custom web application.


  • Dedicated, Managed Server for development, testing, staging and live hosting
    Choose from a range of powerful, high-capacity servers.
  • Unlimited Sys Admin Support
    From software installation to firewall configuration, working directly with the programming team to optimise your software's performance, resolve conflicts and write admin scripts - all your system administration needs taken care of: this is a hugely valuable service.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
    There's no cap on network traffic.  And with a 100Mbps asynchronous network connection and thousands of network peerings, your website will be accessed fast and reliably from around the world.
  • Managed bug-logging
    Management of a defect tracking system for your application's development.
  • Managed SVN repository
    to keep a version-controlled repository of your application development.
  • Daily backup of your server
    A customised back-up according to meet your exact requirements, to a dedicated backup server in an off-site data centre.
  • Daily security updates and continual security and error monitoring
    We apply security updates overnight, every night and keep a continual (human-monitored) check on your server and website logs; as part of a comprehensive process to keep your website secure and fault free.
  • Performance and uptime monitoring
    Round-the-clock custom monitoring of all you server's performance and availablity, using Zabbix monitoring.
  • Periodic OS upgrades
    Keeping your server up-to-date with the latest supported version of your server's Operating System.
  • Includes any domain
    You can choose a new domain or transfer your own domain.
  • An SSL certificate (RapidSSL, Single Root Cert)
    a Rapid SSL, Single Root Certificate, including installation and renewals.
  • Up to 8 dedicated IP addresses
    to support server virtualisation and SSL certificates.
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
    Monitored by Zabbix, which continually checks your website's
  • Minimum Contract: 3 months
    Cancel any time before any month-end, after the initial 3 month term.