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Telling a Story

Most of your website visitors hate reading!  If you have an important message, it will be read and absorbed by many more visitors as a video or animation.

There are lots of possible styles, depending on the message you want to convey.  We've given some examples, but jot down your own requirement in the Contact box, and we'll give some specific ideas.

Complex explanations

Partnership Developers VideoThese need to be structured and fast-paced (as well as clear and concise) to avoid boredom.

An example is the Partnership Developers scribble-board animation - click here.

Teaser Trailer VideoThese need to convey excitement and elicit interest from an audience with minimal engagement.  Words may well get in the way.

An example is 1-minute Intro to SportSessionPlanner - click here.

User already engaged

E-CardThis is where users are waiting to be emotionally involved. 

An example is the sea-horse e-card - click here.

Passive information

This may be partly eye-candy, but imparting a background message.

An example is the Kyosei Systems homepage animation.