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About Custom Built Servers

Servers leased from a hosting provider will come ready-built with a standard operating system release.  But it will not have the security required of a live web site, and will almost certainly not meet your needs.

Kyosei Sytems will first understand your requirements, and build a server to your needs. 


It may be that you are hosting a web application which needs separate development, testing, staging and live environments.  In most cases this is efficiently provided on a single physical server rather than four separate servers (which a hosting provider would certainly prefer you to lease).


  • Access Security: we will lock down your server's firewall, shell access, web access, disable unused services, set up daily security checks and systems to keep your applications securely patched. 
  • Backup Security: we will set-up a custom backup to your exact requirements, so that your file system and live database data are securely and efficiently backed-up each day without requiring any downtime; and ensure the backups can be restored quickly in case of need.
  • System Security: all our servers come with a RAID disk array, which will protect your data in the case of a disk malfunction.  We will set up RAID monitoring to make a frequent check and regular verify for any faults in the disk array, so a faulty drive can be quickly replaced.  We will set up performance montioring from a separate server which will give instant alerts of urgent service and maintenance issues (website down, database down, disk partition filling-up, CPU load too high, network traffic too high, etc.)


We'll set-up and configure all the software you need, in the most efficient and secure way available; including languages, applications, libraries, modules and dependencies.